Bye Bye Kittykitty














Kittykitty on our front porch waiting for her afternoon Friskies treat.

Bye-bye Kittykitty …. feeling happy and sad today. As many of you know I have been looking after Kittykitty for the past year and a half. Quite surprisingly, this past Friday she was reunited with her original family and is living in South Carolina now. She just appeared one day in Occoquan and I assumed that someone had dropped her off. She was very distressed and just walked up and down in front of our store meowing constantly all day long. I fell in love with her and wanted to take her home but knew that my very large and jealous dog would not have accepted her. So, with the help of Ken, from next door we fed her and made sure she had a place to sleep, escape the cold and made friends with this sweet girl. She adopted our parking lot and the garage next door as her home and originally did not venture far from there. Eventually, when she became more confident she explored more and became the darling of Occoquan. Thankful to all in Occoquan who came to care and share our love for Kittykitty, I know there were many. As much as I came to love her, I wished for her to have to have a safe home and a loving family instead of wandering the streets of Occoquan. So, I am very happy for her now that she has a real home and loving family but very sad that she is gone. I miss seeing her every morning sitting on our front porch waiting for us to arrive.

Thanks Kittykitty for brightening my days. I loved being your friend and I will miss you sweet Kitty.

Art on the Block | Featured in Prince William Living

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Thanks to everyone who came out to support Occoquan’s Art on Block last weekend and a special thanks to those who came by Brambles. Occoquan is brimming with many talented artists, so please take the time to come out and support them, their creativity and and our small businesses anytime you can. Check out the link with photos from Prince William Living Magazine here.

Art on the Block | Event















Occoquan is hosting their annual “Art on the Block” event tomorrow, May 10th from 1-5 pm.* Over 60 local artists at 5 galleries will be participating.

Brambles will have 50% OFF SELECT PAINTINGS and 10% OFF purchase of any painting over $100. We will also have a drawing for a FREE PAINTING CLASS at one of our scheduled classes. We’ll have snacks and painting demonstrations as well. Come on by and get artsy or buy a nice piece to hang in your home.

*Come early because we will be closing at 4:30 to participate in a family celebration.

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